Werner Erhard & Associates

In 1981 Werner Erhard and other key est employees formed Werner Erhard & Associates by purchasing the assets of est, an educational corporation. Werner Erhard & Associates was Werner’s reinvention of what an organization could be and do – the context of which was a world that worked for everyone, and that individual lives could make a difference for everyone. The legal structure of the company was the simplest possible structure; and this simple structure allowed for association with a number of entities that utilized the ideas Werner Erhard had developed.

In 1984 Werner Erhard & Associates retired The est Training and created a new course called The Forum.


Entities in the network included:

· Action Technologies
· Center for Contextual Studies
· Hermenet
· Paradigm 3 Satellite Network
· Philosophy Inc.
· The Centers Network
· The Forum
· Transformational Technologies Inc.
· Werner Erhard & Associates International Inc.
· The Breakthrough Foundation
· The Education Network
· The Holiday Project
· The Hunger Project
· The Mastery Foundation
· The Werner Erhard Foundation


The impact that Werner Erhard's work and ideas have made is acknowledged in these letters.





Werner Erhard and Gonneke Spits