The NeuroLeadership Summit


Werner H. Erhard was invited to deliver the keynote speech, "How Language Shapes the World," at the NeuroLeadership Summit at the UCLA Faculty Center in Los Angeles in October 2009.

The NeuroLeadership Institute and Summit is a global initiative bringing neuroscientists and leadership experts together to build a new science of leadership development. Over 150 people gathered from 19 countries for the 2009 Neuroleadership Summit. The program was built around the theme "Toward Integration" and brought together some of the greatest thought leaders on leadership (Warren Bennis), transformation (Werner Erhard), neuroscience (Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Matt Lieberman, Dr. Marco Iacoboni, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz), education (Dr. John Joseph), and sustainability (Cynthia Scott).

Created by David Rock, author of Your Brain at Work, and founder of Results Coaching, the purpose of the Neuroleadership Institute is to join together neuroscience and leadership. As Dr. Mark Goulston puts it, "the 'executive function' of the brain meets the 'executive function' of organizations to work synergistically for the benefit of the world.”

"Neuroleadership is an approach to leadership, management, education, and coaching that harnesses the applications of social, cognitive, and affective neuroscience. The Neuroleadership field aims to assist change leaders in learning practical strategies for regulating themselves and relating to others that make them "brainwise" and effective leaders. The field has four general focus areas: making decisions and solving problems, staying cool under pressure, collaborating with others, and facilitating change." - Debra Pearce- McCall, PhD

How Language Shapes The World: A New Model Providing Actionable Access to the Source of Performance, by Werner H. Erhard (2008)

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