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Self Empowerment Society - It is Time to Become Self-Empowered! Hi, From all of us, we wish to bid you a happy welcome! This site will be a repository of information to help you become self-empowered.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music - Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Communication and Conflict - Sharing insights from the practice of Mediation - a process designed to promote effective communication and conflict resolution.

presentation skill,public speaking,communication skill - presentation skill training, communication skill and public speaking tips for workshop presenters, seminar leaders and public speakers.

Business Training Direct - Presentation skills training and public speaking courses.

Trade Show Training - learn secrets to a successful trade show with Susan Friedmann, CSP.

Thoughts Create - Your thought today create your life tomorrow therefore be careful in picking your desires and wishes. A simple experiment will prove that you have control of your life today and forever. World peace begins within each of us because our thoughts create your life.






werner erhard

At all times and under all circumstances, we have the opwer to transform the quality of our lives.
Werner Erhard

Your life and my life have turned out, and once you get that, life goes on from a position of having turned out. That's called playing the game from win.

Werner Erhard


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