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Inspirational Poems - An inspirational collection of poems, plus quotes, stories, proverbs, thoughts to add a positive thought to your day. Also a free monthly motivational quote calendar from Words of Wisdom.

Effective Self Hypnosis Cds - For help with smoking, weight, infertility, IBS, Impotence and more.

Welcome to Talking Life - Talking Life. Self-Help health tapes & books for the individual. Training packs and seminars for most health professionals.

On line Stress Manaagement Audio Tapes w Self Hypnosis for Self Improvement Subliminal Tapes - On line store for Self Help Subliminal Tapes using Self Hypnosis for Self Improvement.

Audio Books and Podcast Directory - offers the Internet's most complete selection of educational and self-development audio books, podcasts and videos. Find titles on CD, MP3 and DVD, get free audio book downloads and more. - Hypnosis: The Healing Power Of The Mind.Dr. Bauer created these self help tapes and CD's to assist people to stop smoking, lose weight, relieve stress, eliminate anxiety, overcomedepression, and improve your life through Meditation and Hypnosis. AudioSamples on this Unique, Informative Web Site. Dr. Bauer has a new book, A Journey to Inner Healing.







werner erhard

At all times and under all circumstances, we have the power to transform the quality of our lives.
Werner Erhard

Your life and my life have turned out, and once you get that, life goes on from a position of having turned out. That's called playing the game from win.

Werner Erhard


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