URBAN MYTH: No Eye Glasses Allowed!

PLAIN TRUTH:  Please, this is absolutely not true. We can only imagine this came from the request to turn your watches in at the door.  The point was to support people in paying attention throughout the course. 

Many people found that not only watches but many thing keep us busy and in turn keep us from fully experiencing people around us and life itself. 

Said best by Dan Wakefield (Author) 
"The whole point was to keep people's attention for once in their life and keep them from all the distractions that we have made a habitual part of our lives. That was why people were asked to take off their watches - what we usually do is look at our watch and go to the bathroom and do anything else to keep from actually concentrating on something. The est training made you aware of that - it continues to be a deeply positive influence in my life."


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Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard




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Werner Erhard


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