MYTH: No Bathroom breaks for est participants

PLAIN TRUTH:  This is “a story”. There were regular breaks in the est Training where everyone was allowed and welcome to use the bathroom or to do anything else they needed to do – eat, make phone calls, etc.

Time Magazine: April 10, 2011, said, Werner Erhard "challenged participants to control their bladders so they didn't have to leave the long sessions. 'You are not a tube,' he said in the documentary Transformation. 'You have transcended peeing.'"

There were guidelines to help you get the maximum value out of the course and people were given the opportunity to make agreements based on the guidelines.  Much like when you go to a movie, theatre production, opera or even your favorite TV show (prior to Tivo), in order to be sure that you do not miss any of these great performances, you try with all your might to stay in the room.

Just like the theatre or a riveting movie people rarely allow themselves to go to the bathroom for fear that they will miss the most important part. If you want the maximum value, you stay in the room. 

Here is what Werner Erhard's biographer, William Warren Bartley had to say about it: "The setting for the training is arduous and intrusive,...In the training ordinary ways to escape confronting one’s experience are – with the agreement of the participants – sealed off in advance.  On the concrete level this means limited access to food, water, toilets, bed.  Alcohol and drugs are forbidden.  There is limited movement, there are no clocks or watches by which to tell the time; one may not talk with others; nor may one sit beside friends.  Internal crutches and barriers to experience – such as one’s own belief systems – are also challenged by means of philosophical lectures and exercises in imagination."

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Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard




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